Scar Camouflage


I only use pigments manufactured in the United States,  the highest quality of colorants available  in the industry, resulting in excellent color retention and superior results.

Made from iron oxides, which have been used in the skin for hundred's of years, making them the safest pigments. Iron oxide pigments are MRI safe.

 ​​Areola, 3D Nipple tattoo without nipple reconstruction

Areola,3D Nipple Tattoo with Nipple reconstruction

Scar/Areola Tattooing Post TransGender Top Surgery 

Areola tattooing for loss of pigment

Photos are taken immediately after tattooing & are more red in appearance. 3D becomes more visible within the first 48 hours.  If you would like to see more before & after photos please contact me, Tara, at  or919-592-5580